Health Sabbath 2021 – The Joy of Eating

Ecclesiastes 3:13

That each of them may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all their toil—this is the gift of God. 
As we continue to face a pandemic that has taken away the lives of so many of our loved ones, we continue to see much pain and agony due to other unhealthy conditions that surround us. And yet, God wants us to have HOPE, even in this time.  
WSDA church will presents a “Health Sabbath” to share  the wholeness that only God can offer. It is a time for renewed hope that our loving Creator is also our Healer. 
Date:                      July 24th 
Sabbath Service:     12:00 noon
Afternoon Session:  4:00 pm
Immediately after creating humankind, God showed them the abundance of delicious and nutritious food available to them. He meant it for their good health, and for their good pleasure.
This year, we will look at what God intended for us through our diet, but also some of the problems that came along with the entrance of sin. This is an opportunity to relish the Joy of Eating that comes when we see it from God’s original design.
An afternoon session will be presented by Dr. Watkins to discuss further the impact of food on our health.
Dr. Theodore Watkins Sr. is the Medical Director of The Watkins Institute. He is a recognized authority in preventative health and wellness. Dr. Watkins has treated thousands of patients whose lives have been devastated by “disease of lifestyle”..