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In the sermon "Run for Cover" by Elder Denise Frazer, she navigates the congregation through the Bible, highlighting pivotal narratives on forgiveness and redemption from both the Old and New Testaments. She references the cities of refuge in the Old Testament, which were appointed by Moses as a secure haven for those who unintentionally caused harm to others. By delving into the story of Levi, who despite his tainted past became the precursor to a lineage of priests, she introduces the idea of repentance and transformation.

The priestly tribe of Levi's choice to side with God during idolatry in Mount Sinai is presented as a life-changing decision that not only assured them the holy office but also reversed their violent legacy. Frazer further elaborates on the concept of refuge cities, describing how the individual who accidentally caused a death could find protection in these cities that were tactically widespread across Israel. She draws an analogy between these cities and Jesus Christ, stating that just as the unintentional killer sought mercy in these cities, so must sinners seek forgiveness in Jesus Christ. To emphasize this parallel, she reminds the congregation of our condemned state because of our sins and the salvation offered by Jesus Christ. Continuing the analogy, she lays emphasis on the role of the church as a modern-day 'city of refuge'.

The Church's responsibility is to keep the path to salvation clear, the gates of the city open, and to extend a non-judgmental and welcoming hand to all seekers. She illustrates this with a personal anecdote. In conclusion, Elder Frazer speaks specifically to three types of 'runners'; those who have realized the dangers of living without Jesus, those who acknowledge their sins, and those who are already sheltered in Christ. Her sermon carries forth a powerful message of seeking refuge in Jesus and extending love, acceptance, and grace to others in the same journey.

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