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October 31st at 6:30 pm

Hallelujah Night 

You are invited to Hallelujah Night hosted by the Youth Council. Come join in Holy fellowship! This fun filled night will begin with a vespers and conclude with fun games to entertain the entire family. Feel free to join us through zoom for our first virtual Hallelujah night.   Request connection info here.

October 24th at 12:30 pm

Virtual Communion Service 

Joins us for a virtual Communion.  Communion is one of our fundamental believes and even though we’re not in the presence of each other, we have chosen to still partake in it (virtually) as we are always in the presence of God.  For details on joining us and how to prepare for the service in advance, click here.

November 2nd at 6:30 pm

Potomac Conference Town Hall 

Town Hall Meetings take place around the Potomac Conference each year. This is a time that conference administrators share important conference news with members as well as a time for members to bring questions and concerns to administration. We encourage all members to attend these meetings and to share in the mission of what Jesus is doing in the Potomac Conference., click here for more info.

Second Sabbaths (Saturdays) at 1:00 pm

Virtual Sabbath Lunch

Even though we can’t get together in person for lunch, we can still fellowship and have a meal together virtually.  Join us for a Virtual Sabbath Lunch every second Sabbath.  Bring your favorite meal, login, and lets enjoy our time together. 
Our next gathering is November 14th.   

Sabbath (Saturdays) at 10:00 am

Virtual Sabbath School – From Dust to Stars

This week we conclude our study on the book of Daniel, which remains what it was when penned thousands of years ago: a powerful revelation of the love and character of our Lord Jesus Christ. He hope you can join us from 10:00 am – 11:15 am.  For details on how to join, click here.  

Sabbath (Saturdays) at 11:30 am

Sabbath Worship Service 

We invite you to join us weekly for moving sermons for Pastor Lola Johnston.  This week we will be delivering our sermon virtually.  Just visit our Worship page to view the sermon or friend us on Facebook to receive the stream when it goes live.   

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